Ryno Spec Sheet 2000 HP AC Desert Rig Package 2015

DSII 2000 HP Desert Rig Package

New IDS AC-2000 Drawworks rated at 2000 HP Lebus grooved for 1 ½” drill line with AC electric motor drive arrangement with two (2) new AC motor

New DSI 147’ x 30’ x 1100K Tubular Cantilever Mast with crown containing seven main cluster sheaves and one fastline sheave. Mast to include racking board, raising lines

Mast Dolly System
Mast complete with dolly integrated for a one-piece move

New DSII 30’ High D-SELRig 1,100,000# casing, 800,000# setback, complete with three sets of stairs, and other accessories

Substructure Dolly System
Substructure contains four (4) integrated walking feet that do not need to me removed for transportation. Walking feet also are used to level the substructure and to add desert tires without the use of a crane

Mud Pumps
Three New National 1600HP mud pump packages each with master skid, three AC motors, drive sheaves, belts, belt guards, charge pump, liner wash system, etc. 7500 psi

Rig Power
New I.D.S. 4×6 VFD System/Control House with 1000 KVA main transformer, 225 KVA lighting transformer and adequate MCC to operate the rig

Four New Caterpillar 3512B diesel engines each with Kato generator and radiator, set on a 10’ wide x 40’ long master skid with roof, muffler, etc.

Two New Gardner Denver 50 HP compressors, one cold start, one air dryer and two 400 gallon volume tanks to be included

Rotating Equipment
New American Block 37 ½” Rotary Table with 1150 HP Independent Drive

New NOV TDS-11SA 500 Ton Top Drive –with DSII incorporated top drive tracking system to allow top drive and block to transport inside the mast.

Mud System
New 3000 BBL., 6-tank round bottom mud system with telescoping roofs, complete with nineteen 10 HP agitators, two 15 HP agitators, ten 6×8 centrifugal pumps with 100 HP motors

Solid Control Equipment to consisting of:
Three Derrick 503 shakers, One Derrick 1200 gpm Vacuum Degasser, One Derrick 503 Mud Cleaner – 1200 gpm, Two High Shear Mud Hoppers.

Blohm and Voss 80 Iron Roughneck

Forum Wrangler 3000 Power Catwalk

New Driller’s Cabin

New Mech. /Warehouse Workshop

New American Block 500 Ton block with integrated block dolly

100 BBL Trip Tank/ Choke Manifold/ Mud-Gas Separator Combo Unit

Hydraulic Power Unit (70 GPM @ 3000 psi capable)

New Accumulator/Junk Bin Skid with New 7 Station Closing Unit.

13-5/8”, 10000# Single and Double Control Flow BOP

13-5/8”, 10000# Annular Control Flow BOP

Two (2) 12,700 Gallon Fuel Tank with transfer pumps

Two (2) 500 BBL Water Tank

New Drill Line Spooler with 7500’ of 1-5/8” Drill Line

Banded Cables on Swing Arms to replace Cable Trays

GAI-Tronics Intercom System

MD Totco Mud Watch System

Substructure transports in three compact loads including One piece center steel with Independent Rotary Drive with NO removable flooring or diagonal braces

*Rig to be completely rigged up and tested in Houston, TX using 100% Non-Chinese Steel, Materials, or Components