RYNO Drilling & Energy services International BVI

Our contract drilling service is different. We provide not only the drilling rig, but also a menu of special drilling techniques and applications designed to help you achieve better drilling results and greater cost efficiencies with turnkey drilling.

It is our practice to always employ fit-for-purpose, reliable equipment that utilizes the latest technologies. This allows us to outperform our competitors, meet your expectations, and ensure a safe working environment for our crews and the environment. Performance and safety go hand in hand.

Inherently Safe
  • Rig up & Rig down – pins at 1.5M

  • Automation:

       ~ Iron Rough Neck
       ~ Power Catwalk

  • RYNO’s safety training program is comprehensive and thorough – meets and exceeds industry standards.
  • Zone Management System
  • Majority of the rig up process is done at ground level as opposed to height.
  • Automation takes the human element out of the critical path making the overall operation safer by default.
  • Properly trained crews are safe crews.
Fast Drilling – AC VFD Driven
  • The VFD component allows for greater control while drilling – weight on bit.
  •  Key drilling parameters are maintained within finite tolerances.
  • Constant Stand Pipe pressure.
  • Control of the Draw Works is extremely accurate.
  • Maximizes ROP
  • Extended bit life
  • Reduced bit trips
  • Lower overall well cost.
Energy Efficient
  • AC driven VFD rigs have proven to provide substantial improvements in fuel consumption.
  • Approximately 30% savings in fuel cost.
Real Time Data Systems
  • SCADA data is uploaded automatically into our predictive maintenance program.
  • Allows us to monitor equipment conditions and tolerances.
  • Where required Work Orders are generated long before unexpected failures occur maximizing uptime and drilling efficiencies.
  • Critical spares are monitored real time.
  • Consumables are monitored on a maximum and minimum basis to ensure everything required is in hand when required.
Fast Moving – typical rig moves
  • Rig designs based on minimizing total loads and reducing cycle times.
  • Rigs are configured to move in 2 to 3 days release to spud.
  • Engineered rig move procedures.
  • Reduced move times allows for contingency to drill more wells.
  • Reduced rig move days converts to additional available drilling days – more wells.

In short, RYNO rigs provide a compelling value proposition to our customers, well above legacy mechanical and DC equipment and skidding AC rigs. The fine control of key drilling parameters offered by RYNO drilling systems allows same-class wells to be drilled in half the time required by mechanical or DC equipment. The combination of the RYNO “Safety by Design” engineering process, more efficient mobilization and AC/VFD drilling controls allows our customers to drill more wells per rig per year.


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